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Develop a Relationship with Your Wedding Vendors – You’ll be Happy You Did


The following is a guest post by Angela Quigley. Angela is the co-founder of Married In Milwaukee, a wedding company that helps connect Milwaukee brides with Milwaukee vendors. She runs Milwaukee’s top wedding blog,, where she writes about all things Milwaukee weddings.

When my husband and I started our Milwaukee weddings website a few years ago, the only wedding vendors we knew were the ones we used for our own wedding. Fast forward to today and we’ve developed relationships with vendors all over town and suggest that you do the same.

Planning your wedding can be time-consuming, stressful and scary. Most brides and grooms haven’t planned an event this big ever, so having vendors you can lean on for help makes a big difference.  Not to mention it can help ease the planning process and make it fun, just like it should be!

Here’s what I feel are the top five reasons to develop a relationship with your wedding vendors:

1. Get to Know the Real Person Behind the Business

Developing a relationship lets you get to know the real person that can make or break your big day. You’ll be spending a lot of time with some of your vendors, so get to know them and enjoy their company.

For example, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your wedding photographer. Without getting to know them personality, you might end up with someone you don’t “click” with. This isn’t good since you’ll be spending the majority of your wedding day with them.

2. Doing Business With Friends is Better

People like to do business with friends. In fact, much of the business we do over at is with our friends and we like it that way. Also, when you do business with friends you might get inside information or specials that other brides wouldn’t.

Let’s say your wedding caterer is working on some new catering options. They might not feel comfortable talking to just anyone about these. However, if you have a relationship with them they might bring it up and it could be exactly what you were looking for.

3. Get Referrals to Top Wedding Vendors

One thing I’ve learned is that many Milwaukee wedding vendors know each other and many of them are personal friends with one another. This can work in your benefit – If you develop a relationship with your vendors they will be more-likely to refer you to their friends making your entire day everything you’ve dreamed of.

4. Get Help With an Urgent Problem

I don’t want to freak you out, but problems can happen on your wedding day. For example, let’s say you hired a limo service and they don’t show up (yes, I’ve heard of this happening). An experienced wedding vendor might be able to help you out, make some calls and get another limo service for you. Problem solved!

5. It Makes Things More Fun

Let’s be honest, as stressful as planning your wedding can be, once the big day comes you just want to have fun. And why not make your wedding vendors part of that fun? If you’ve developed good relationships they will be.

Another fun part – giving referrals! Once you’re married you’ll no doubt have friends who will tie the knot after you. And, yes, they will ask for referrals. You’ll be more-likely to refer a vendor you have a relationship with and can trust.

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