Carlo Pedone was raised in the restaurant business. His parents and grandparents spent more than 60 years in restaurants in Sicily and the United States, and Carlo learned to cook in a restaurant’s kitchen.

When Carlo was young, the Pedone family moved from the Midwest back to Petrosino di Marsala, in Sicily. He grew up there, cooking with his parents, until he was 16. When he returned to the United States as a young adult, he began cooking in his parents’ restaurant – Napoli Restaurant & Pizzeria. Carlo began cooking for special customers that would let him create anything he wanted in the kitchen! He still does this today at Trattoria di Carlo.

Carlo is and always has been hands-on in the kitchen, which sets him apart from many other restaurateurs. Chef Carlo hopes Trattoria di Carlo will make people feel at home, like they’re having a wonderful meal with family.

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